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Burma-China Chronology, 2nd Century BC to 1999 - Compiled by David Arnott

Yunnan - Myanmar Border Region SceneryImage by treasuresthouhast via Flickr
Yunnan-China border (BM)

Yunnan-Myanmar border (BM)
Title: BURMA-CHINA CHRONOLOGY: 2nd Century BC to 1999
Date of publication: 1999
Description/subject: This chronology was compiled in 1999 by David Arnott as part of the research for his chapter on Burma-China relations in “Challenges to democratization in Burma: Perspectives on multilateral and bilateral responses. Chapter 3 - China–Burma relations” published by International IDEA in 2001. Most of the extracts are from news sources, notably the official Burmese daily The Working People’s Daily (WPD), re-named The New Light of Myanmar (NLM) in April 1993. Most extracts from 1987-1996 are taken from The Burma Press Summary compiled by Hugh MacDougall. Other sources include the US Govt’s Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) and the Internet version of NLM. A lighter China-Burma chronology updated to end 2001 exists on The Irrawaddy research pages at
Author/creator: David Arnott
Language: English
Source/publisher: WPD, NLM, FBIS ETC.
Format/size: pdf (1.8MB)
Date of entry/update: 22 February 2008
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